Rebellion, Authority, and Knowledge
Expert knowledge requires a balance of authority and rebellion.
The Big Secret in the Academy Is That Most Research Is Secret
The politicization of scientific inquiry and classified research compromise the independent and open-ended pursuit of knowledge.
A Dissenting View from the Humanities on the AAUP’s Statement on Knowledge
In defense of critical inquiry.
Dialogue across Divides
Humanistic disciplines can provide indispensable understanding across differences, but only if we resist the preprofessionalization of college and cultivate open debate.
Academic Freedom as Democratization
Faculty must be involved in all aspects of university decision-making.
Some Exigent Words about Financial Exigency
The AAUP's policy on the role of faculty in situations of financial exigency has taken on new relevance and urgency as the coronavirus pandemic threatens the future of many higher education institutions.
Data Snapshot: Survey Data on Attitudes toward Faculty Freedom of Expression
How might political views influence attitudes toward academic freedom?

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Rutgers University AAUP-AFT
A profile of Rutgers AAUP-AFT chapters representing employees on all three campuses of Rutgers University.

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