Collective Bargaining Chapters Give Generously

April 9, 2014

The AAUP Foundation is pleased to announce generous gifts of $5,000 each from the Wright State University and Cuyahoga Community College AAUP chapters. When the Wright State chapter decided to make its gift, chapter president Marty Kich appealed to other collective bargaining chapters, explaining the Foundation’s urgent need for support from AAUP members, chapters, and related constituencies and asking them to “please consider making a contribution to the Foundation, in any amount that you think is appropriate. Whatever your chapter can contribute will help move things forward.” The Cuyahoga Community College chapter immediately responded with its own gift.

The Foundation receives no member dues and must rely on the generosity of AAUP members, chapters, conferences, and friends at large for funding in order to further its mission of supporting principles of academic freedom and the quality of higher education in a free and democratic society.

As the AAUP celebrates its one hundredth anniversary, threats to quality higher education are numerous, aggressive, and increasing daily, driven by the pervasive corporatization of higher education and its incursions into academic freedom, tenure, and shared governance, exploitation of contingent faculty labor, and misappropriation of faculty intellectual property. With the generous help of chapters such as Wright State University and Cuyahoga Community College, the AAUP Foundation can be better positioned to meet those challenges with more effectively targeted resources and with renewed determination, confidence, and solidarity.

The AAUP Foundation gratefully thanks the Wright State University AAUP and Cuyahoga Community College AAUP chapers for their contributions to our collective efforts.