Grant Recipients Gave Moving Testimonials at AAUP Annual Meeting

October 3, 2019

Corinne Weisgerber and Shannan Butler, subjects of an AAUP investigation at St. Edward's University in Texas, each spoke in June at the 2019 AAUP annual meeting, which voted to censure the university's administration. Just prior to the vote, Buttler said, "Tenure is a cornerstone of academic freedom, and I ask that you cast your vote to reaffirm our profession's voice." In her speech, Weisgerber said, "I want to thank the AAUP Foundation for providing support at a time when both my and my husband's livelihoods were shattered on the same day."

The AAUP Foundation's Academic Freedom Fund provided financial support for the academic freedom and tenure investigation at St. Edward's University and temporary financial aid for the couple, who were summarily dismissed from their tenured faculty positions. The investigation also concerned a tenure-track colleague who was not reappointed. To learn more about the actions taken by the St. Edward's University administration, read the complete investigative report, which found the conditions for academic freedom and shared governance at St. Edward's "absymal."

Through its Academic Freedom Fund, the AAUP Foundation works to safeguard academic freedom to encourage free inquiry, promote the expansion of knowledge, and create an environment in which learning and research can flourish, thereby enhancing the quality of higher education and benefiting society. The AAUP Foundation accepts grant proposals on a quarterly basis with deadlines on March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31. Learn about grant guidelines and application requirements here.