Grants We'd Like to Give

Date: August 7, 2017

The AAUP Foundation gives grants consistent with our mission of supporting principles of academic freedom and the quality of higher education in a free and democratic society. We’re especially delighted when a modest Foundation grant helps a project to garner additional support and broaden its impact.

Agents of Change, a documentary about the legacy of 1960s campus activism that resulted in the creation of black and ethnic studies programs, is an excellent example of a project for which the AAUP Foundation was one of several funders. Screenings of the film in 2017 took place at colleges and universities throughout the United States, at theaters in Paris and Berlin, and at various film festivals, including the March on Washington Film Festival in July.  

Do you have a story to tell about academic freedom—or an idea about how to engage faculty, students, or the public in considering its importance to a democratic society? Organized to fund the charitable and educational purposes of the AAUP, the AAUP Foundation has supported a wide variety of events and initiatives. We encourage you to approach us with your ideas and to consider applying for a grant.

We also provide support to faculty members in cases at the trial and appellate levels that implicate important legal rights, involve legal issues of national significance in higher education, and affect the careers of academics. If you are a plaintiff in such case, consider requesting a grant from our Legal Defense Fund.

The AAUP Foundation has a quarterly grant cycle, and we are currently welcoming inquiries and applications for our next deadline on September 30. Learn more about grant guidelines and deadlines here.