AAUP Foundation Awards Travel Grants at 2014 Annual Meeting

June 24, 2014:

The AAUP Foundation is pleased to award travel grants to deserving AAUP members and chapters working to advance the cause of academic freedom.

The Konheim Travel Fund Grant is for travel-related expenses for chapters engaged in advancing the Beatrice G. Konheim Award criteria, which are to advance the AAUP’s objectives in academic freedom; student rights and freedoms; the status of academic women; the elimination of discrimination against minorities; or the establishment of equal opportunity for members of colleges and universities. In 1975, the predecessor AAUP established the Beatrice G. Konheim Award in recognition of Professor Konheim’s dedication to the principles and programs of the predecessor AAUP, and through the generosity of the Konheim family. Today, the Konheim Travel Fund Grant is given to a worthy chapter in order to help it send delegates to the AAUP annual meeting. The amount of the award is $1,000.

This year, the Konheim Travel Fund Grant was awarded to the Tennessee Conference of the AAUP. Scott McMillan, Incoming President of the Tennessee Conference, was nominated for the grant by Josephine A. McQuail, Tennessee Conference vice president for 4 year colleges and universities. The application highlighted the conference’s work last year in coordinating with and building coalitions with the Tennessee Education Association and United Campus Workers to arrange an event that featured speakers from both TEA and UCW.

The AAUP Foundation also announced the recipients of the John Hopper Travel Fund Grants, which are given to provide support for travel-related expenses to those attending their first annual meeting. The delegates were nominated for the grant by their chapters and conferences. The award was presented at the Assembly of State Conferences meeting and provided for up to $125 per day for three days towards the cost of lodging, and up to $400 toward airfare for the recipient. Proceeds for the Hopper Travel Funds are raised annually at the ASC annual meeting.

This year, the AAUP Foundation was pleased to recognize several first-time delegates with the grant. The 2014 Hopper Travel Fund winners are:

  • Katherine Bryant of Emory University, nominated by the Emory University chapter in Atlanta, Georgia. Bryant is a graduate student member and an up-and-coming leader on her campus. She presented a paper at the annual meeting entitled, “Whose Academy?”
  • Gregory Comer of St. Louis University, nominated by the Missouri Conference. Comer is vice president of the Missouri Conference and was be a conference delegate. The application highlighted Comer’s extraordinary work at the chapter, conference and national level, and described him as “a quiet, firm guiding force.”
  • Christala Smith of Southeastern Oklahoma State University, nominated by the Southeastern Oklahoma State University Chapter. Smith is in a chapter celebrating its second anniversary and sent its first delegate to an annual meeting. In addition, Professor Smith is president-elect of the Oklahoma Conference.
  • James D. Strange of Western Nevada College, nominated by the Nevada Faculty Alliance-AAUP. James, a former chapter president and current conference vice president, is the chief collective bargaining negotiator for the recently passed first contract at Western Nevada College.

To learn more about the Konheim Travel Fund Grant and the John Hopper Travel Fund Grants, please visit http://www.aaupfoundation.org/special-funds/travel-award-funds

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, June 24, 2014