Contingent Faculty Fund

The remarkable growth in the use of contingent faculty appointments over the last decade has caused a crisis in academe. Faculty in contingent positions are exploited, often receiving inadequate compensation and professional support. At the same time, academic freedom is undermined as the faculty becomes increasingly vulnerable and unstable.

The AAUP Foundation has a special fund dedicated to supporting work on issues relating to contingent faculty appointments through research, publication, leadership development, and other assistance to faculty when need arises. Past expenditures from the fund have included:

  • Financial assistance to faculty at an institution where a significant threat to contingent faculty arises.
  • Fellowships to individual faculty members who are involved in contingent faculty issues.
  • Support of research projects relating to contingent faculty, and publication of their results.
  • Assistance for contingent faculty activists to attend training programs or conferences on issues relating to contingent appointments.
  • Support of efforts to increase public understanding of contingent faculty appointments.

The fund was established in 2003 by the American Association of University Professors in response to an announcement by Benjamin Johnson, Patrick Kavanagh, and Kevin Mattson that they would donate all royalties from their book Steal This University: The Rise of the Corporate University and the Academic Labor Movement to the AAUP for work on contingent faculty. The fund is now part of the AAUP Foundation.

The Contingent Faculty Fund is not accepting grant applications at this time.