Travel Award Funds

Konheim Travel Fund

AAUP Foundation provides support for travel-related expenses to chapters engaged in advancing the Beatrice G. Konheim Award criteria, which are to advance the AAUP’s objectives in academic freedom; student rights and freedoms; the status of academic women; the elimination of discrimination against minorities; or the establishment of equal opportunity for members of colleges and universities. In order to apply for support from the Konheim Travel Fund, please see the application guidelines. Applications are due to by March 15

Hopper Travel Fund

AAUP Foundation provides support for travel related expenses to those who attend their first AAUP Annual Meeting. Chapters and conferences may nominate one of their delegates who will be attending their first annual meeting. The award will be presented at the Assembly of State Conferences (ASC) meeting, and the recipient should attend the Annual Meeting on Saturday. The award will provide for up to $125 per day for three days toward cost of lodging and up to $400 toward airfare for the recipient. Proceeds for the Hopper Travel Funds are raised annually at the ASC annual meeting. The deadline for the Hopper Travel Fund application is March 15. Please submit your entry to