Why Donors Give to the AAUP Foundation

Date: December 19, 2018

We are grateful for the generosity of AAUP members and other supporters whose donations help to make the Foundation’s work possible. Our donors are motivated by profound concerns about safeguarding academic freedom and the role of higher education in a free and democratic society. Your contribution of any amount will help to make this possible.

Below are some of the comments donors have shared with us about why they give.

“Academic freedom is essential to the current and future development of our nation and its contribution to the world.”

“The urgency of the work you, and we all, do.”

“Because of worries about the evisceration of the academy, the threats to tenure and academic freedom, and the exploitation of adjuncts—all urgent matters.”

“Because it is getting really ugly out there . . .”

“I have been increasingly dismayed—I'm now appalled—at the increasing corporatization of universities, and I want to help resist this deplorable trend.”

“I believe that the work you do may be one of the few lifelines remaining in our embattled society.”

“Long live the AAUP—one of our best and strongest hopes!”

Please donate today.