Board of Directors

Effective June 14, 2021, the AAUP Foundation is governed by a board of directors that includes a president, vice president, secretary-treasurer, and the members of the AAUP national Council.


Irene Mulvey, President (2024)
Mathematics, Fairfield University

Paul Davis, Vice President (2024)
History and American Government, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College

Christopher Sinclair, Secretary-Treasurer (2024)
Mathematics, University of Oregon


Carolyn Betensky (2022)
English, University of Rhode Island

Monica Black (2022)
History, University of Tennessee

Linda Carroll (2022)
Italian, Tulane University

James Davis (2022)
English and American Studies, Brooklyn College, City University of New York

Zoran Gajic  (2022)
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rutgers University

Loren Glass (2022)
English, University of Iowa

Huey-Li Li (2022)
Educational Philosophy, University of Akron

Nivedita Majumdar (2024)
English, John Jay College

Patricia Navarra (2022)
Irish Studies, Hofstra University

Charles J. Parrish (2022)
Political Science, Wayne State University

Glinda Rawls (2024)
Counseling, Western Michigan University

Jonathan Rees (2022)
History, Colorado State University–Pueblo

Diana I. Rios  (2022)
Communication/El Instituto, University of Connecticut

David Sanders (2022)
Biological Sciences, Purdue University

Alexander Zukas (2022)
History, National University

Other Members, Non-Voting

Rudy Fichtenbaum, ex officio past President (2022)
Economics, Wright State University

Julie M. Schmid, staff

Audit Committee

Chris Sinclair (2024), chair
Mathematics, University of Oregon

Deborah Cooperstein (2022)
Biology, Adelphi University

Pat Poli (2022) 
Accounting, Fairfield University

Carlton Davids, Staff

Investment Committee

Chris Sinclair (2024), chair
Mathematics, University of Oregon

Matías Fontenla (2024)
Economics, University of New Mexico

Michele Ganon (2024)
Accounting, Western Connecticut State University

Carlton Davids, Staff