Our Issues

Academic Freedom

The AAUP Foundation supports projects that safeguard academic freedom to encourage free inquiry, promote the expansion of knowledge, and create an environment in which learning and research can flourish, thereby enhancing the quality of higher education and benefiting society.  

Shared Governance

Governance of higher education institutions traditionally has been a responsibility shared by  faculty, administrators, and trustees. The AAUP Foundation supports work that increases the understanding and efficacy of shared governance in colleges and universities. 

Faculty Appointments

Increasingly in recent decades, tenure and the ends it exists to protect are under attack, as college and university administrations adopt a corporate model of governance and hire more and more faculty off the tenure track. These contingent appointments now equal about two thirds of the total faculty appointments in the United States, with part-time positions equaling half. The AAUP Foundation supports research into faculty appointments and working conditions, as well as projects that promote protections for academic freedom, fair compensation, and access to professional development and support for all faculty.